Hot Pink Socks. Better Hockey Socks? Or Dress Socks?

A lot can be made about whether a flashy coloured sock is better suited for the ice or for the office. The great thing about Thinees neon pink socks is, you don't have to choose. But for the sake of the argument, let's look at the pros and cons of each scenario.

Pink Socks at the Rink - Pros

I personally feel that the pros are downright obvious. But let's go over them anyway.

  • Higher confidence. Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. It's that simple. If you dawn some hot pink socks under your skates, you're going to look fantastic. The feeling of looking good will obviously give you a major boost in performance.
  • Teammate envy. It takes a real alpha dog to have the stones to sport a pair of hot pink Thinees in the dressing room. But when you do, your teammates will immediately look down at the pathetic white cottons they have on and immediately wish they had some Thinees in their wardrobe.
  • Better game. This doesn't pertain to pink socks, but just Thinees socks as a whole. It doesn't matter if your Thinees are black, purple, blue, orange, or neon yellow, if you keep your feet dry and comfort when your on the ice, you're going to play better.

Pink Socks at the Rink - Cons


Pink Socks in the Office - Pros

Dress socks in the office aren't appreciated nearly as much as they should be. Really, unless a lad is sitting down or walking with a lengthy stride, you might not get a glimpse of what he's sporting down there. Regardless, if you get a glimpse of a bold, flashy color when your office mate is walking by you, I guarantee he'll go up a notch in your book.

  • Redefined image. Hey, you're probably already well-liked in the office. But even the most beloved employees will be elevated to legendary status if they have some hot pink dressers on in the office. People will look at you and be like "This guy doesn't take crap from anyone." Damn straight you don't.
  • Office Buzz. In some workplaces, not everyone knows everyone. Well at least, not on an overly personal level. Sporting a pair of Thinees hot pink dress socks puts you the workplace radar, in a good way. Hey, wouldn't you be rather known as "Sweet Style" Steve than "Smells like Swamp" Steve? For the record, if you don't wash your Thinees socks, you'll still smell like a swamp. But you get the point.
  • Become a better employee. You dawn a pair of ultra thin, ultra comfortable Thinees, your feet are going to feel excellent throughout your work day. This will increase your stamina and overall productivity. Even though your boss will be envy of your cutthroat style, he'll dig your production.

Pink Socks in the Office - Cons

See "Pink Socks at the Rink - Cons".

Good talkin' to ya.

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