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Introducing Quickfix Sharpening Tools.

Lost an edge? Quickfix Sharpening Tools are a must-have for your equipment bag. The custom wide-grip handle allows you to sharpen your skates safely and quickly on the go. These tools are perfect for hockey skates, goalie skates, or figure skates!

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We are extremely proud to have our socks in several retailers across North America. Our store locator allows you to quickly find a store near you so you can start experiencing the near-barefoot feel of Thinees!

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Thinees Skating Socks are the champions of moisture control.

Thinees ultra thin skating socks are designed to optimize comfort and increase overall performance. Its wicking material keeps the foot dry and is engineered with Thinees' industry-leading moisture control system. Its ultra thin construction gives you that barefoot feeling. Mostly used as a hockey sock, Thinees socks can be used for any sport or activity where comfort and moisture control are essential to an optimal performance.

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