Skating Socks

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Introducing Fuscia-Purple Thinees – where elegance meets the unexpectedly absurd in a glorious dance on the ice!

Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a colour that defies convention – I mean, the colour doesn't event look like a mix between Fuchsia and Purple, but who cares!? – all while enjoying the comfort and performance that only our thin skating socks can provide.

Let's face it – Fuscia-Purple is the rebel of the colour wheel. It's bold, it's loud, and it's unapologetically absurd. These socks pay homage to the audacious spirit of the training athlete, ensuring that your skating attire reflects your distinctive personality.

97% Polyamide, 3% Cotton

Logo Color: Slightly Darker Mix of Not Fuchsia and Purple

Toe Color: Gray

Thinees Sizing

Thinees' polyamide-cotton blend provides a comforting stretch to conform to your feet and lower leg. Keep in mind this stretching feature when selecting your size.

Size Length Width
Long 18.5in / 47cm 3.5in / 8.9cm
Short 14.5in / 36.8cm 3.5in / 8.9cm
Junior 14.5in / 36.8cm 2.75in / 7cm
Mini 10in / 25.4cm 2.25in / 5.7cm

*The sizing images for Thinees Long and Short sizes are based on an average-sized adult male. The sizing image for Thinees Junior size is based on an average sized adolescent male. Please refer to the sizing chart above for precise sock measurements. Sizing can slightly vary depending on color.

*Mini Thinees are recommended for kids age 3-6.