Finally, a Headband for Under your Hockey Helmet

Have you ever been playing hockey and noticed that sweat was dripping down your face and into your eyes?

It’s a major distraction.

And can make playing the game of hockey which is already quite difficult EVEN MORE difficult.

Wearing a headband under your helmet is a great way to prevent this from happening. Not only will a headband help to keep the sweat out of your eyes, but it will also help keep your hair out of your face. No sweat or hair in your face will allow you to focus more on the game.

You’ll also look cool.

Which, for this writer, is way more important than anything else :)

When it comes to the market on headbands, they come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, so you can find one that suits your style and needs. Cotton is usually the most popular material, but you can also find headbands that are made of fleece or synthetic fabrics. There are also headbands with specific features, such as adjustable straps, extra padding, and moisture-wicking capabilities.

Thinees teal headbands are a great way to increase comfort and keep the sweat out of your eyes during the game
Thinees Headbands are the perfect solution to keeping sweat and hair out of your eyes. See the Game Better.

When you are looking for a headband to wear under your hockey helmet, make sure that it fits snugly so that it does not move around or slip off during play. If it is too loose, sweat can still trickle down your face. You should also make sure that the headband is comfortable and does not cause any irritation.

Wearing a headband under your hockey helmet is an easy and effective way to keep sweat out of your eyes so that you can focus on the game. With the right headband, you can be comfortable and have a clear vision during the game.

That’s our goal at Thinees with our new headband collection. Our 92% Polyester 8% Spandex blend offers a great combo of softness and stretch. It’s available in a variety of colors and offers the following:

  • Moisture wicking action
  • Ability to fit under any helmet
  • All-way stretch
  • Thin design for extreme comfort
  • Unisex

Anywho, we'd be delighted for you to try one out!

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Until next time...

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