5 Key Features of our Hockey Socks

Since 2009, Thinees hockey socks have been the top choice for hockey players in North America. Since day one, we've committed ourselves to deliver the most advanced sock to give you the most comfortable skating experience. Our philosophy is simple, keep your feet dry and comfortable so you can focus on your performance on the ice. That's all we care about.

Here are the five key features of our sani socks that make Thinees the ultimate hockey sock for both male and female skaters.

Thinees Hockey Sock features: Ultra thin construction, 4-way stretch, moisture control, toe-only seam, seamless body design

Champions of Moisture Control

Thinees hockey socks are the champions of moisture control. Our sani socks are engineered with high quality, wicking material which keep moisture away from your feet to produce the most comfortable skating experience. Our 97% Polyamide, 3% Cotton blend ensure a wicking, dry feel with a soft, comfortable touch.

Seamless Hockey Socks

With only a toe seam in our hockey socks, our Thinees hockey socks provide an optimally comfortable, virtually seamless feel. This seamless experience ensures that your feet are always comfortable in your skates. With comfort and performance at the forefront, Thinees hockey socks ensure you will be focused on your game, not your feet.

4-way Stretch

Our mission is to construct a hockey sock that conforms to the structure of your foot, not vice versa. Thinees hockey socks are built with a four-way stretch. This allows for our sani socks to fit any type of foot comfortably. When your feet are comfortable, your performance on the ice increases. It's that simple.

Ultra Thin Construction

Like our name implies, Thinees sani socks are designed to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and give your that near-barefoot experience in your hockey skates. Our ultra thin constructed hockey socks give you that barefoot feeling so the only thing you'll feel is the ice below you.

Bold-colored Socks

Thinees hockey socks give you the foot-comfort you need to ensure you make a statement on the ice and the style you desire to make an impression off the ice. In addition to our socks' performance features, Thinees hockey socks come in a variety of bold colors which allow you to express yourself in the dressing room. Look good. Feel good. Play good.

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